So what is a ‘Silver Fox’…?

Hi, and welcome back to ‘This Silver Fox Life’. This is the second post in a blog started in honour of all those men (and women) blessed with grey hair. So you if you’ve read the first blog, you’ll know how my Silver Fox journey started. Eating a bowl of cereal, watching morning TV and my mum pointing out my first grey hair – at 14 years old!

I guess the next thing to try and do is answer what should be a fairly simple question….What is a Silver Fox?

Since last writing to you, I’ve discussed it with friends, fellow foxes and I have exhausted the net trying to find an answer. Friends (male and female) used words like ‘classy’, ‘elegant’ and ‘sophisticated’ when talking about the Fox. The quintessential Silver Fox carries  himself a certain way, oozing unbreakable confidence. Fellow foxes said that they didn’t feel any different – it was just them with grey/silver hair. Most foxes became gradually whereas I became a Silver Fox overnight when I chose to stop colouring my hair. However, they did say that upon realising they were a Silver Fox, there was an increase in attraction and attention from both women and men. With this attention came a certain expectation to dress smarter, be calmer and wiser. Be cool.

Cyberspace seemed only interested in of the usual lists – ‘’Top 10 Sexiest Silver Foxes’ and something to do with a former X-Men Wolverine used to play hide the sausage with – click image for more info

Silver Fox  [X-Men]                      IMG_1209

One of the more straight forward definitions I came across was found in the urban dictionary…

The first part of this definition (“An attractive older man.”) got me thinking…

Attractive…  what is it that makes the Silver Fox attractive? Is it the grey hair? Is it his face? His presence? How he dresses? His job? Having grey/silver hair can’t be the defining factor – imagine Mr Bean with grey hair…So is a Silver Fox just like any other attractive man – the only difference being he has grey hair? I think this can be better explained by looking at the second adjective… older.

Older…. Close your eyes and think of a Silver Fox. You probably saw a man of at least 40 years plus. We all associate grey/silver hair with older people (silver surfers anyone?) yet we don’t necessarily think of a Silver Fox as being younger that magic 35 years. Age is a very strong (all be it a little unfair) factor in the Silver Fox criteria. Older men will always be seen as wiser, more experienced, calmer. Is it this that cements the Silver Fox status?

Fox… Being called a fox is usually a good thing. Foxes are seen as cunning, resourceful and sexy (foxy lady, Jimi Hendrix). Combine this with Silver and you add a cool, steel-like quality. Silver and Fox are two of the coolest words in the English language! Being called a Silver Fox can’t be considered anything but a compliment.

So the relationship between age, a cool temperament and wisdom (and a chiseled jawbone) topped off silver locks is what fascinates us and attracts us. It is said girls mature quicker than boys so is it as simple as women wanting a man, not a boy? The allure of the image of the Silver Fox appears to be too much to resist.

It was 20 years until I felt comfortable to Fox-out. Some exceptional foxes pull it off at a relative young age – George Clooney at around 30 (everyone here remembers E.R.). Is this to do with the perceived maturity we attach to certain age ranges – for example, video games are usually aimed at age groups of up to 24. So from 25 plus, are we meant to ditch the joypad and partake in other more ‘mature’ activities like cardigan wearing and pipe smoking? Where were you aged 25? Out clubbing? In the office past 5pm putting in those extra hours for that promotion? Were you a father at home raising Silver Fox cubs of your own? I doubt it. Like me, you were probably still involved in those ‘less mature’ activities already mentioned. And here is where that rarest of foxes is found…. the youthful Silver Fox. As we now know, the quintessential Silver Fox is the mature man. So when is it acceptable to go ‘Full Fox’? I was 14 when the grey invasion started…Too young right?

It seems that pinning down an exact definition of what the Silver Fox is, is trickier than thought. The Silver Fox seems to be a combination of factor – age, degree of silveriness, manliness, wealth, experience, job, car.

But now I am in my mid 30s and have come to realise one universal truth… It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Especially over something like hair colour. The world has bigger problems and I should have been braver. The world needs more brave people and I wish I’d found the courage sooner as being a Silver Fox is an amazing thing. Silver Foxes are a rare breed that continues to redefine itself with each new generation.

You are Fox. I am Fox. We are FOX!!! 

Until next time…..